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The Top Six Auto Defects in San Diego

According to statistics, car accidents injure millions of individuals and kill about 40,000 people every year making them the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.


Because of their vulnerability to these accidents, motorists are becoming increasingly careful when it comes to driving. However, driving behavior is not the only factor in car accidents as it can also be caused by defects in their vehicles. In these cases, a San Diego injury attorney can help victims determine who the liable party is.


Vehicle defects range from minor seat problems to more serious once like defects in the vehicle’s acceleration and brake mechanisms. Here are some of the common defects that car owners and drivers must be wary about:


• The poor overall design of a vehicle. Vehicles should endure a battery of tests and inspection that will prove its crashworthiness. A poorly and unsafely designed vehicle can result in fatal rollover accidents especially if it is a high-speed crash.


• Faulty airbags. Airbags are important as they lessen the impact of the driver’s head to the steering wheel. The failure of the airbag to deploy or at the worst case, explode can result to head and brain injuries.


• Fuel tank leak. Fuel tanks need to be strategically placed and protected by components to prevent leaks that can lead to explosions.


• Defective seatbelts. Seat belts and restraints are designed to keep the occupants in their seats to prevent more serious injuries during rollovers and collision. Needless to say, defects in this equipment can place the occupant in serious danger.


Roof crush. The collapse of the vehicle’s roof shows the poor materials used in manufacturing the vehicle. Roof collapse can cause serious injuries, especially in rollover crashes.


• Acceleration and brake defects. Faulty mechanism of the vehicle’s acceleration and brakes can have devastating effects on vehicle occupants.


Consumers have no other choice but to trust the manufacturer that the product will indeed deliver its guaranteed safety and efficiency. Unfortunately, accidents caused by vehicle defects have happened numerous times in the past and lives have been wasted because of negligence.


Defects that resulted from the vehicle manufacturer’s negligence or the distributor’s disregard for its working condition can cause fatal accidents. Because of this, they have the responsibility to make sure that the vehicle that will be sold to consumers is of good quality and condition.

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