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Liable Parties in a Taxi Accident

Many means of transportation have been developed thanks to technology, but taxis or cabs continue to be the most widely used form. In cities like New York and Los Angeles where people roam the streets even during late-night, taxis are the safest means of transportation for people working until the wee hours of the morning and even party-goers.


The most recognized users of cabs though would probably those who have had quite a few drinks. That is because, under the law, drivers who have blood alcohol content (BAC) that is over the maximum acceptable count under the state law are not allowed to drive due to the risks of driving under the influence.


Even if some drivers take note of this law and will avoid driving their own vehicle when drunk, there are still chances of them getting into a car accident. Around 12 percent of taxi accidents which involved passengers sitting at the rear seat are likely to end up in injuries such as fractures, concussions, contusions, and abrasions.


Taxi Drivers and Companies


In taxi accidents, the usually liable parties are the taxi driver and the company that employed the driver. Taxi drivers may be held liable because they are obligated as common carriers to uphold a high standard of care to their passenger. Taxi companies or operators, meanwhile, may be held vicariously liable for the actions of their employers – in this case, the driver – especially if proven that they themselves committed negligence in employment. They may even be held liable for the injuries sustained by the driver.


Proving Liability


In some cases, the injured passenger may still need to prove the negligence of the driver or company in order to receive compensation from them. Here are some issues that the victim may bring up to prove liability.


  • The driver has already been previously cited.
  • The driver was underneath the influence of medicine or alcohol.
  • The driver has previously been involved in more than one traffic accidents.
  • The driver was uninsured/ underinsured.
  • The company was negligent in hiring the driver.


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