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Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Claims

The Standard Of Care

In Nevada, medical malpractice happens when a person is injured due to treatment or care which fell below the accepted minimum standard for that particular type of care. The “standard of care” is the benchmark to determine if malpractice happened.

In order to have a viable lawsuit for medical malpractice in Las Vegas, Nevada, a doctor’s care must have been below the skill level which a reasonably competent doctor would have utilized in treating or diagnosing the same condition. Medical malpractice applies to doctors, nurses, chiropractors, therapists, psychologists, health care providers and dentists. Nevada law can provide recovery if you were impaired, injured, disfigured, disabled, hurt or killed due to: radiology malpractice, physician malpractice, doctor malpractice, hospital malpractice, surgical malpractice, chiropractor malpractice or nursing home malpractice.

Las Vegas health care professionals doctors are required to adhere to the professional standards necessary to provide care and treatment for Las Vegas residents. If the hospital, doctor, or clinic does not meet the professional standard of care and treatment, a Las Vegas Lawyer can file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for any injuries you received due to medical malpractice in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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