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Important Steps Following A Las Vegas Car Accident

Here are some steps you can take to improve your Las Vegas car accident claim for personal injuries:

  • You should seek immediate medical treatment for any person who is hurt in a Las Vegas car accident.
  • When you describe your pain to the medical professionals, mention every symptom you are having so you can get an accurate diagnosis.
  • Call Las Vegas Metro Police (LVMPD) – the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) or whichever police authority has jurisdiction immediately after a Las Vegas auto accident so the officers can investigate and generate a Las Vegas Accident Report (Police Report).
  • If you can, get all the details on any possible witnesses to the Las Vegas car accident – include information like their names, addresses, phone numbers and what you think they saw.
  • The Police and any medical professionals (ambulance attendants, doctors, nurses, etc.) are probably the only people you should give information to after a Las Vegas auto accident.
  • Take several pictures of your injuries as often as you can because the pictures may be used by a Las Vegas Attorney in a settlement demand or in a jury trial.
  • Put together all documents pertaining to the Las Vegas car accident including the auto insurance information, accident report, medical bills and any correspondence from the insurance companies.
  • Write down any details you remember about the accident (like the direction of the cars and what the cars were doing) so you can accurately describe the Las Vegas car accident when you meet with a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer.
  • Obtain a free consultation from a Las Vegas Lawyer so you can determine your right to recover money damages for the personal injuries you sustained in a Las Vegas car wreck.

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