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How to Increase Your Car Accident Compensation Claim

Trying to claim compensation after a car accident that was not caused by your own fault from an insurance company can be complicated. This is because in some cases, the adjuster assigned to handle your case might try to reduce the amount of compensation that you receive as much as he can. Besides hiring a personal injury lawyer who can help you understand your rights and claim your compensation, one should really understand thoroughly the whole process of claiming compensation as a first step to increase your car accident compensation.

Another good way to increase your compensation is to take plenty of pictures of the auto accident scene. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that the pictures will easily prove the number of your car damages. If you have a good amount of pictures, the insurance company cannot deny the severity of the damages. Do take pictures of damages to both vehicles from the outside and inside, clear pictures of road signs, other driver’s license plate, and vehicle model, accident injuries or bruises and positions of vehicles before they are moved.

Besides that, you should also read through the car accident report and verify if it gives you any important information. Most details of your vehicle accident can be found on your police report. If you’re unsure, get help from your personal injury lawyer. You must check that your police report includes details such as names and home addresses of eyewitnesses, information about the other driver, like his license number and car insurance company, traffic violations and a diagram detailing how the whole accident took place. Be sure to thoroughly examine the auto accident report and determine if it can assist your auto accident claim.

Locating a witness from the auto accident scene can really boost your auto accident claim. A witness can confirm your story and give you more credibility. The witnesses will explain how the accident happened and point out the mistakes of the other driver. If the witnesses stay around the scene of the accident, then they may be able to contribute any information about dangerous driving conditions like potholes, faulty traffic lights or even hidden road signs that have caused other previous traffic accidents. These, in turn, can help reduce your fault and help you get more money from your car accident compensation claim.

Even if the witnesses failed to directly see the automobile crash, they will describe the extent of your injuries or your pain once the crash. Their statements can be useful if you file for your car accident injuries. Ask your personal injury lawyer if they can get hold of the witness’ accounts.


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