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How To Find A Family Lawyer To Guide The Co-Parenting Process

When ex-spouses need help coming to co-parenting conclusions, they should consider finding a family lawyer. Also known as a child custody attorney, this legal professional may help families reach consensus. Alternately, each spouse may opt to get a personal custody lawyer to settle their issues in a court of law.

How To Determine If A Family Lawyer Is Right For You

While some custody lawyers offer free initial consultations, others require a small payment. You should use your time with the lawyer wisely and ask questions to make sure that the relationship will be a good fit. Keep an eye out for certain “green flags” that represent a good child custody lawyer. These include:

  • A good record of helping clients resolve custody issues
  • Patience and willingness to answer questions about the legal process
  • Strategic thinking and new insights into your case
  • Reasonable fees

You should also ask as many questions as you feel comfortable asking about the legal process. Your attorney may advise you not to discuss certain things or not to commit certain actions that will lessen your chances of coming to a positive custody agreement. She may recommend co-parenting classes or similar things to help bridge the gaps in a family caused by divorce.How to Prepare to Meet Your Family Lawyer

If you know what to expect from your initial consultation with a family lawyer, it will go a long way toward easing your child custody fears. In order to get the most out of it, you should have various pieces of information ready to share and discuss. These include:

  • Prenuptial agreement, if present
  • Education and work history of both parents
  • A household budget with child expenses marked
  • Documentation of domestic violence or substance abuse problems in either parent

An initial consultation may not yield much in the way of agreement, but it gets the ball rolling toward the final custody settlement. You should come with a full understanding of your desired position, but don’t expect that you will be able to mention it except in a brief capacity when explaining the relevance of each piece of documented information you bring.

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