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Can I pursue my case on my own?

The short answer is “no.” Laypeople do not have the legal knowledge to most effectively represent themselves (whether the matter is criminal or civil) and this is all the more true for personal injury/wrongful death cases. It is likely that the other party or parties — the ones who caused your injuries or the death of your loved one — are not going to simply offer you full and fair compensation for your losses.


In addition, it’s likely that they will have legal representation of their own, with one or more attorneys working to win the case on their behalf, not yours. Worst of all, if the other parties have insurance coverage for the incident at hand (such as auto, property, malpractice, and other forms of liability insurance), the insurance companies’ law firms have the mission of reducing or eliminating entirely the compensation for the injured.


Any physical or emotional injury — particularly if due to medical malpractice — must be fully proven in a personal injury case, and the damages such as loss of future income, the cost of rehabilitation, emotional suffering and more are not easy to determine. An individual trying to represent him/herself will be at a loss when estimating damages, and when working with the other side’s lawyers, he/she will most likely lose.

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