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Borrowed Cars: Common Concerns and Questions

People nowadays purchase auto insurance for their vehicles to save them from financial woes just in case they encounter accidents. But what if the accident did not involve the owner, but another person who borrowed the vehicle?


A collision or crash that does not involve the vehicle owner is called a borrowed car accident. Many people are confused about how to deal with this kind of situation because it was not the insured driver who caused the accident, but someone who borrowed it. The following are some of the questions you may be asking right now:


  • Who will be at fault in the accident? The driver whose negligence was the cause of the accident would be the one at fault.


  • Whose insurance policy would take effect? If the owner permitted the borrower to drive his car, then the owner’s auto insurance would cover the expenses under the vicarious liability principle.


  • Who will shoulder other expenses that go beyond the coverage amount? For costs that cannot be covered by the insurance policy, the responsible driver would need to pay out of pocket.


  • If a thief stole the borrowed vehicle and got into an accident, who will be held liable? Because neither the owner nor the borrower has control over the car when the crash happened, the thief would clearly be responsible for the damages.


  • What if someone in my care borrowed a car and crashed it? If a son or an elderly loved one borrowed a vehicle from a neighbor and he crashed it, the head of the household would be held liable for the damages caused by his son or relative.


  • Do I need to inform the insurance company about the situation? Certainly. Besides, even if you did not inform your insurer, they would eventually find out. Hence, it is better to tell them yourself.


Now you have your answers, you will begin to understand better how borrowed car accidents can be resolved. First, you will need a legal expert to assist you in handling the legal situation. Make sure to seek legal assistance from a trusted and skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.


The next thing you should do is gather evidence against the responsible parties. Searching for witnesses is also crucial in proving your allegation against the defendants. Your injury attorney would be the one to estimate and compute your possible damages and the compensatory benefits you deserve to get to recover from such a terrible experience.

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