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Big trucks such as semi-trucks are an important component of the shipping and commerce systems. Unfortunately, as with any other type of vehicle, big trucks are involved in accidents from time to time. And, in the case of these big trucks, the consequences of an accident are rarely minor.

Equipment Failure

The weight of a big truck makes it a feat to get it moving and stopping properly. Given below are some problems related to the tucking process:

Tire Failure: Some semi-trucks are 18-wheelers; however, this does not imply that there is no possibility of tire failure. Even if the vehicle gets off balance for a short time due to a tire blow up, the results can be dangerous – there can take place an unexpected lane shift or a rollover.

Load Shift: In case the load carried by truck is not tied down properly, there can be a weight shift, causing the driver to lose control.

Maintenance and Inspection Lax: A rig has complex engines as well as parts that need to manage big loads. In case of a maintenance and inspection lax, the door opens up for the possible failure of equipment.

Brake Issues: In the case of a semi-truck, the system that perhaps has the most important is the braking system. Making a semi-truck stop requires more time as well as distance. If the braking system is not at its best, the stopping of the vehicle can be affected.

Driver Failure

Any person who travels regularly is aware of the dangers of driving. He/she also understands how precarious driving close to a big truck can feel. If the driver is not in complete control, there can be a disaster. Given below are some examples in which the driver fails:

Fatigue: The pressure of delivering on time, or even before time to get a bonus, has a big effect on truckers. They many times feel the temptation to forego the breaks they need to take by law and keep on driving even if they are not comfortable with it. Fatigue can sneak up on the driver and set in before he/she realizes.

Driving While Drunk: The majority of states have restrictions on the alcohol level of a driver. That, of course, does not mean that everyone follows the law.

Aggression: Due to matters such as delivery time, a trucker may drive aggressively putting others driving on the road at serious risk.

Error / Distraction: In some cases, the driver just judges the situation incorrectly, cuts a corner to thin, or screws up otherwise. This can become a bigger issue if they are using the cell phone or are distracted in some other way.

These are some of the equipment failures and driver failures that can lead to a big truck accident. If you have been involved in a semi-truck accident, you should contact an auto accident lawyer at the earliest. Try to locate an individual working in your area that knows the state laws very well and has experience of conducting semi-truck accident cases.

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