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Every year, numerous cases of car accidents on the road are reported. Once you encounter this kind of problem, it is more complicated and gruesome than you actually think. Of course, the severity of the problem varies from one case to another. For minor car accident cases, you can always have an amicable settlement if you are at fault. Having an out of court settlement is preferred to avoid spending time and resources.

But this is not always the case especially when you are charged with certain violations (i.e. driving under the influence of alcohol, other driving violations, etc.). Not all the time, out of court settlement is possible. In major car accidents which resulted to severe damages and the other party incurred serious injuries, not only do you need to compensate for the inflicted damages, you also have to face the legal charges if ever there are road violations made.

The Legal Process

When the police officers finally conducted their complete and thorough investigations and the aggrieved party has decided to press legal charges against you, there is no way you can get away with it. Apart from the penalties and other sanctions that can be imposed on you, it is not far from impossible that you might also end up in jail and even lose your license.

But since everyone is entitled to have a set of rights, you also have the chance to defend yourself and to be given due process. Before any final ruling is to be made, you get the chance to defend yourself in court, present evidence to prove your claims, and go for an acquittal. If acquittal is already impossible then you can always go for a lesser punishment.

Throughout this process, you need to get a reliable and topnotch California lawyer who will handle your case. You are entitled to get any lawyer you want. Even when you are arrested, the authorities cannot interrogate you without the presence of your own preferred lawyer.

From the gathering of evidence, representation, oral pleadings and arguments, and the actual trial itself, your lawyer is the one who will handle everything. The outcome of your case does not entirely depend on the gravity of evidence and witnesses presented. If you really want to win the case, you should not just settle for any lawyer. Make sure that you hire only the best. Get lawyers who really specialize in these kinds of cases.

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